Friday, May 30, 2008

Estoy aqui!

Hola todos! We´re here. We´re settled. We´re overwhelmed by the idea of learning Guarani by teachers speaking Spanish.

We´re in the town of Guarambare in an internet cafe where things seem to move the speed of Paraguay. I´m in the Rural Economic Development group, so they sent us out to live with families off a red dirt road in Avierra.

Our training grounds are beautiful, with little huts around a main building. There are many plants here that are similar to Florida= bananas, oranges, tangerines, etc. There are giant shoots of bamboo as well. It feels like paradise, but it´s still cool outside...

My family consists of a father, mother, three sisters (22, 12 and 3 of different generations which I plan to decipher later) They presented me with a bed, dresser and a nightlight, showing me how to use the last one three times.

The host sister closest to my age at first didn´t know what to think of me. We walked to the store together and to break the silence I just found myself talking to the animals. Hola vaca. Hola pollo. Hola pato. There is much vaca caca to look out for.

Things loosened up when I busted out the Frisbee and taught her and the 12 year old to throw. There was the universal laughter that happens when you look like an idiot trying new things. I think I will know that well.

We went to buy milk at the farm where one of my friends is staying. Her bathroom is outside. I lucked out with warm water, electricity, etc. However, I did not figure out the agua caliente this morning, as it was three degrees celcius.

There was much discussion of when and how I should be awoken. My host father mimed knocking on my door. Then he closed and did a dress rehearsal. We discussed the time. 6? 6 30, 7? He´ll knock. Ok? Ok.

At five a.m. I was laughing in my bed, when every rooster in Paraguay decided to have a crowing contest. They were as thick as crickets, with barely time to crow between the crows. Some were far off in the distance, some right under my window. I opened the curtains and saw them there in the dark, clucking around to destroy my sleep. A cow mooed.

I told my family I didn´t think I'd be needing an alarm clock, as there were plenty walking around outside.

If you need to send me anything, the address is
my name, PCT
Cuerpo de Paz, CHP
162 Chaco Boreal c/Mcal. Lopez
Asuncion 1580, Paraguay (South America)

Also I have to write that my opinions here are mine alone and not representative of the Peace Corps Organization.


fodor said...

oh my god! so exciting, and early for that matter. im glad you got a nice family, who apparently likes to practice things. hey, they are prepared. a red dirt road eh? we arent so different my friend, my georgia red clay road may be the same shade of "whoa,,,red dirt". cue the fifel goes west "somewhere out there" song. miss you love you - fodor


Wow Paulette, They have you hit the ground running. Already living with a local family, and participating in their daily life. Cool. Well, I look forward to living vicariously through your South american adventures. Write often, but I dont know Spanish so some of your comments Im guessing at!
Love the affirmation quote you used. Her is another:
Our own belief in lack and limitaiton is the only thing that is limiting us. Love, Jeri

Pamela said...

Hola! Thanks for your address, we'll send you somethings soon. Your writing is wonderful Paulette. It makes me laugh out loud. Are you checking email, or is this the best way to communicate with you? Peter is doing well, he put his baseball glove on before he was even dressed this morning and started practicing. He picked out an Indiana Jones Lego set with about 300 pieces, so we've been building and creating like crazy. We're going to try hiking again today at Great Falls. It sounds like you're having fun (sans roosters), and your host family seems . I love the blog, and hopefully we'll hear more from you soon. WE LOVE YOU!

~Pamela and Peter Morgan

Team Boom said...

You're the bravest! How are you doing with the ultimate Spanish language quiz?

Paulette said...

Thanks for all the comments guys!