Monday, July 28, 2008

I´m CHUCHI baby!

Hello all. Please excuse me while I die and go to heaven. I love my site. While my buddies are out there digging holes, I´m in my own little casa with a bano. The first day my host dad was showing me how to use the remote on my tv, and I was like, no, this is not what I signed up for, but I´ll take it!

My site is a cute little town with cobblestone streets around a central plaza. Ao Po´i stores dot the street. They´ve already given me two shirts and they insist that I learn how to make it, which I gladly will.

There´s a nice family of girls who work in the store. The first day I was here they invited me over there house. One asked if I like Goons and Roses and Nirvana. They love American music. The second day I went over their house for lunch, and we sat and watched Guns N Roses videos from an illegal DVD with slightly delayed sound.

My host dad is the president of the cooperative and his wife is the retired principal. They have a manicured lawn with lots of flowers. The orchids are blooming from around their palm trees. Their house is like a little complex with lots of little houses. In front, they use one to sell Ao Po´i. Out of the other they rent DVDs and have two Playstations that the boys in town use by the hour.

The cooperative needs my help to set up a web site to sell their products throughout the world. They also want me to teach them Excel (can do) and how to use the computer that´s been sitting dormant, covered in a Ao Po´i cloth, in the corner of their office.

I´m so happy that I love the clothes they make. They´re so beautiful, and they have cute little clothes for children. Of course, this isn´t what you think of when you think Peace Corps, but it´s what I got, and it´s perfect. It kind of blew my mind the first day. Considering that I could have been redoing the books for a soy bean farming coop, it´s pretty amazing that this is my life right now.

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