Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some pics of Yataity

Hi all, I wrote a blog on my Mac and now it´s not uploading here. Overall, all is well. I´m learning Ao Poi, learning Guarani, killin it with the Spanish, missing my fam and friends, and hanging out watching telanovelas. That´s about it. For now I´m just looking around seeing where I can be of use.

Oh, and a lot of you have asked what you can send me. I´m really fine, but the only thing I can´t get here are books. If you want to send something on down, there are some computer books on my Amazon wishlist that would help me when I start teaching classes. But really, I have everything I need.

Also, I´m trying to figure out how we´re going to make this online store. If anyone knows anything about that jazz, let me know.

Me speaking at graduation

The house Im living in now

The house I´ll be in for my two years

My friend making a table cloth

All the Ao Poi I´ve done so far!

Detail shot

The graveyard and grazing cattle

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