Friday, September 26, 2008

Los Simpsons


Janice said...

Hi Paulettski,
I read your blogs at least 4 times a week--I enjoy it very much. My package to you is on the way--am about to shop for some much needed groceries here, Love you and miss you,......Aunt Janice

Anonymous said...


I am certainly enjoying your blog. My son had a UF friend in his wedding. He went to the PC in one of the stans, Kazackstan, I believe. He said every function called for toasts with really bad knockoff Russian vodka and he really appreciated toilet paper after he got home. He graduated UF in 05. After he got back he wound up in Washington, DC working on his masters.

But then he got a chance to go to the far east and away he went. This was not with the PC but for some sort of job. "Get yourself over here and you have a job," type of thing.

I have not heard the rest of the story. I think once you cut ties and go the first time it becomes easier the second as personal belongings matter even less.

Keep writing. You have not lost your touch.

Steve Carswell

Sandie Reynolds said...

Hi Paulette!

I visited with Iesha last week and she said she misses you. I promised her I would copy a part of your blog for her to read. If you say hello to her I will make sure she gets that part of your blog. The family has relocated, mom is still away.

jerijones said...

Hi honey,
I love your blog. I check it whenever I have the energy to spend time on the internet, which is about once a week or so. I find it interesting that being on the computer for an hour can drain my energy for the day. Damn MS. I get to choose everyday how I want to spend my hour of "free energy". Yesterday I pruned the plants on the front porch. They look better now, and I enjoyed every moment I spent on them. It makes me happy. The weather here is getting lovlier now, cooler at night. We spend many hours out on the deck now. Jeff put up a bird feeder-tied it to the tree limb eith fishing line. You should see the squirrels try to get to the seed, ha, not one could figure out how to slide down the slick fishing line. I watch my 4 baby cardinals feed throughout the day. The mom watches from afar and i've only caught her on the feeder once. The big male watches but i have not seen him at the feeder yet. Im sure he's sayin to the babies "There is no such thing as free food, its a trap" It is so much fun to watch.

I know it is different now than it ever has been for you, but different isnt necessarily bad. Think of all the places you get to visit to stay in touch with family and friends that are spread out now. Life circumstances change(as i well know) and the only thing you can do is adjust your attitude to live the best life you can with what you have, where you are, in the time you have. Eleanor Roosevelt said "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." I want you to remember that when anyone is laughing at you. Laugh with them, you are wonderful and you know it. I said so. Oh by the way, give yourself a break, its only been 4 mos. It takes time to learn a new language, give yourself time and try not to be so critical of yourself. You are amazing, and following a unique path. A new language, thats a big undertaking. Take a breath and enjoy the process, not just the intended result. Suggestion on the weight issue you mentioned: eat more of the healthier fruits and veggies, and stop eating when you are satisfied not full. That has been working for me. I love you Paulette, Jeri