Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pictures of my little town

Taking pics on a day when life is beautiful.

A scene I pass on my way to the coop.

A Yataity street

My mud hut

The view through my front window


Anonymous said...

I'm a college senior trying to find out if going into the Peace Corp is right for me after I graduate. I have to say that your post have been very helpful to me. Thank you.

Janice said...

Hi Paulette,
Your mud hut looks so cute--is this where you will be living. Indoor plumbing????? Love reading your blog. Love, Aunt Janice and Aunt Tricia.
AKA Choichas !!!!!!!!

Jeri Jones said...

I find this particular post so inspiring! I have stopped looking at all the catelogues I get in the mail. I liked looking at the pictures of beautiful expensive things, but have found that they make me feel inadequate, like I dont have enough or that i am missing out on something i should have or experience. I found out that if i dont look to 'things' or more stuff for my happiness, i focus on the real joyful things in my life. The abundance of good that i have and feel is really the love i find in family and friends. I am trying to live a more simplistic life, with less stress and less need to consume, and i am finding this is also a great way to save money for my future. win, win. Love the hummingbird story, and i can relate so much because i too watch the birds with awe and delight. i only rarely see a hummingbird here, but when i do it is special. You are an astute young woman, and you are living an amazing experience. Love you, Jeri