Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Asuncion in Photos

Yes, here are the fruits of my day in Asuncion with nothing to do. Someone nearly died to get you these photos. That someone was me, which you could only understand if you´ve ever tried uploading 37 photos from a third-world country.

These aren’t the best photos. I took them hastily, as it’s best not to dawdle with expensive electronics in plain site, lest the glint off your American goods catches the eye of a big-city ladron (thief). But enjoy.


This are the hands of the guy checking me into the hotel. Love is in English, obviously, and pora is Guaraní meaning well or good.

Mural near Plaza Uruguaya

This is the inside of the front wall of the Peace Corps office. The outside is very low-key, no neon sign saying PEACE CORPS! Securities actually pretty tight.

This is what you see when you walk through the front gate. In this main building is our director, the coordinators, etc.

This is the area where we t-ray and hang out. You can see my clothes drying on a chair to the left. At the PC office there's a lounge, the library, and you can even take a shower, which I resorted to on my last trip, though it felt creepy.

Vendors selling fruit to cars. You'll see people holding all kinds of stuff up, maps, shirts, combs, hats

Palm trees that remind me of the beach

All the rich people have these beautiful, ugly gates


A child washing the window of an SUV. Right before I took the picture she was shaking her finger at him. There are always kids juggling, doing flips, washing windows or just begging for money. This woman drove off without giving the kid anything.

A sculpture in front of what I hear is a country club. I put my camera through the bars of the fence to take the photo.

A park I'd never noticed before

An ad on a bus stop for Tigo's wireless internet device. Paraguay is plastered with Tigo ads.

Fantasy world of ads reigns high over Paraguay

Church next to the cemetery

Pool toys and pools

A supermarket. Also, notice on top of the street sign, there are little ads on top of them.

The IPA tent outside of the mall. Instituto Paraguayo de Artesania supports arts and crafts of Paraguay.

Silver work. Guampas and jewelry


A cup made out of a cow's foot. Maybe that's its head mounted to the wood frame behind it.

Paraguay t-shirts


Ñanduti earrings, rocked out by many a volunteer

Shoes made with Ao Poí

Halfway through my walk I remembered that Tuesday is Agroshopping Day! It's like the farmer's market, in the parking area below the mall. I scored some walnuts and dried shiitake mushrooms.

These people were selling gyoza, sushi and other Asian goodies

Various squash. Can anyone tell me what that kind on the left is? I bought one and lived off it for a week and a half, just guessing how to cook it.

All the medicines here have graphic drawings on the front of the packages.

Quail eggs. My señora friend said these are all protein, and the men like to eat them for stamina. This conversation embarrassed me.

Meat sticks!

Your local pigs´feet provider

The mall, called Shopping Villamora. This is where we go to the movies, to the food court, to exercise our atrophied muscles of good ol' fashioned American consumerism.

The food court in the even bigger, chuchier mall, Shopping Mariscal, behind the other mall. I refused to eat at this place, because they make their employees wear rooster hats, until I tried their fries.

McDonalds. Why must you follow me everywhere? Why are your chicken nuggets the same shape here in Paraguay?

Looking down on Freddo, a yummy ice cream chain

Look's familiar, doesn't it?

Well I hope you enjoyed our little tour. This is the capital, don´t forget, where all the money is. I could take other photos of the campo that would make you think I was in Africa. Just goes to show how big the gap is.

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Anonymous said...

um as someone who has lived in both Paraguay and Africa, no, you really couldn't. Ever been to Cidudad del Este how about some of those huge farms----even in PY the smallest place like Yuty has a grocery store.