Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hello from Chuchiville

So some people think I have it chuchi (chuchi: adj. Fancy or rich). Well, I'm sitting in the kitchen of Jesus, not the real one, but my friend and fellow volunteer from Puerto Rico. If more people saw how he's living in PC, more people would sign up.

This is Jesus

He lives in Villa Florida, which is the tourist capital of Paraguay. We went to a restaurant last night and I got fried fish served from a waiter wearing a bowtie. So this is his house. He could have had an even bigger one, but that would have been too much. Oh, and he doesn't pay rent. We're not bitter, even those of use who are paying for wood boxes with squat holes outside. Shola tellsm me it came fully furnished for free, but I refuse to be bitter. He has a washer and dryer.

His view
And there's a beach.

And, in the summer, models come every weekend for a fashion show. As I type this, Jesus says, pointing to the photo: "That's Paula, that's Mirna. They're so nice."

Note all the cell phone cam butt shots going on behind the girl walking down the catwalk below.

We're here for some birthdays this weekend, and I'm guessing a lot of the guys will be visiting more.

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