Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Photos As of Late

(*Return in Peace!)
*R.I.P. Brennan

May 2007-July 2009

Brennan has left me to go back return after two years of grueling service living in a compound in a city. Who will I ask for bus schedules?

Betsy and me at Brennan's despedida. She's our new coordinator.

This is the asado for the birthday of my host dad's dad. 99 years!

Fork on a stick

Me and the meat. Or the meat and I?

Two kids from next door drooling over our chicken.

Can we get a close up on that punum?

Cochena washing dishes at the well.

Big meal

Little Nancy, my next door neighbor

Putting in my heat/ac (It's not my fault! I was pressured into buying! Arm twisting and everything, though very light before I caved.)
Starting to make the hole


Oscar workin'

The crazy mess in my room.

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