Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guarani Radio Intro

I did the radio show solo today and since I wasn't with a non-Guarani-speaking friend I thought I'd bust out a can of Guarani. It went so-so.

"Hey there Yataity and how's it going Villarrica. This is "Mba'e la Porte Nortes." I'm Paulita and today I'm here alone and so I'm going to speak more in Guarani and you all can laugh at me. (Here I almost say 'and you all can explode', because the word for 'to explode', kapu, is kind of like the word for 'to laugh', puka. Then I break up into nonsense for a few words out of nervousness.) Today I'm going to talk about the 7 Habits of People with Success (is how I phrase it) but first I have some music."

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ThinkingMansUhuru said...

Wow.. you did that very well. I remember the first time I spoke Swahili solo when I was in Kenya as a missionary, talking to some kids, it was tough. I can't imagine learning Guarani and then doing a podcast with all but a few words you solidly know.