Friday, September 3, 2010

On a happier note...Paraguay continues to amuse with Emos!

I've meaning to mention emos. Yes, there are emo kids in Paraguay. (Emo, if you haven't heard, are those kids who dress in all black and wear tight jeans, etc. Pronounced E-mo in English but Eh-mo in Spanish.) Here they call indie kids floggers. I had no idea what they were calling me an indie kid until they Googled "Characteristics of flogger" for me and pictures of indie kids popped up.

So, anyway, there are also these message services you can sign up for on your phone. You can get a daily message with the weather report, your horoscope, etc. Once I got a new number and kept getting an Aquarius horoscope, and I'm a cancer and someone who's not the kind of person who would get a bite of my phone bill taken out to know my horoscope anyway. I just didn't know how to cancel it.

I got a new number for this month, and it turns out the person before me, again, signed up for a message service. This one, it seems, is the daily informational message about emos. Every day, I receive information on how emo kids dress, who music they listen to, how they do their hair. Every day in the office, I get a message and say, "Quiet down guys, it's time for the emo fact of the day." I saw some emo kids walking down the street and said, Hey, now I know those are emos.

Thought I'd pass along some of the wisdom:
Los colores que llevan los emos son negro con rojo, verde, y a veces marrón.
The colors emos wear are black with red, green and sometimes brown.

La musica emo se caracteriza por un sonido medio punk o pop-punk complementado por letra introspectiva y vocales agudas y desesperadas.
Emo music is characterized by a quasi-punk sound or pop-punk complemented with introspective words and high-pitched and desperate vocals.

Los temas de las canciones emo generalmente se trata un amor imposible, lo cruel que vida, como quiere morir, etc...
The themes of emo songs generally discuss impossible love, how cruel life is, how they want to die, etc...

Pasa sus ratos libres en MySpace comunicandose con otros Emos y posteando entradas en sus blogs donde describe su terible agonia.
They pass their free time in MySpace communicating with other emos and posting entries en their blogs where they describe their terrible suffering.

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Nat said...

The term "floggers" comes from Fotolog, a popular photobased social networking site where teens post their own photos and then move up in rankings depending on how many votes their photos get. This is really popular in Buenos Aires where everyone is a narcissist to begin with. Floggers wear tight pants and bright fluorescent colors - they are almost the opposite of emos (aside from the fact that they are all "misunderstood teens" in their own minds and have over the top anime hair). There have even been massive brawls between the two groups in Buenos Aires. Floggers in PY are easily recognized because they are always checking their hairdos out in the mirrored escalator sidings at Shopping Mariscal Lopez.

I have a ton of Argentine and Paraguayan cousins so I am much more familiar with emos and floggers than I'd like! :D