Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Why my podcast isn't an official Peace Corps Publication

Actual e-mail. Names changed to protect the innocent.

Hi (Peace Corps Paraguay Official),

I began to review the Guarani materials. The visual portion looks really good. However, as I started to listen to the podcast, there were certain expressions that I would be uncomfortable sharing including: “it could drive me to drink,” “jerk face” and other frustrations regarding learning the Guarani language. I think this may be better for a less formal channel.


(Peace Corps Headquarters Official)

My podcast is on hiatus but I plan to continue to produce episodes and more info will be on the site at See ya jerk face.


Jaimee De Pompeo said...

Hi there,
I will be leaving for my peace corp assignment in Paraguay feb 2nd and i recently stumbled upon your blog in my crazed googling. Just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading it and how much peace of mind it has given me in these last few anxiety filled weeks!
jaimee depompeo

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading through your entire blog. Backwards. My mom does something similar with books sometimes and it drives me crazy. How can you skip to the end to find out what happens?!?!? *huff* It was great, though, reading about the latest (mis)adventure, and then reading the set up to it from the previous week, already knowing what was in store for you.

(Hint to You of the Past: It will most likely involve beer and poop.)

I read several portions out loud to my mom, and told all the girls about it at the theatre. Great times, a great read. Thank you so, so much for keeping at it on writing here, particularly in spite of the frustrations of finding reliable web access. ;)

Hope things are going well for you now that you're back in the States. What a culture shift.

Sorry about the ubiquity of the iPhone,

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

Thanks for not giving up on your devoted followers! I am way behind on the podcasts, but glad to know you're still rolling along!

Molly said...


I tried to post a comment to your guaranime blog saying that regardless of what PC things about your podcasts, I think you should keep them posted on itunes!

I'm heading to Paraguay for PC in May and I would love to get a head start on guarani but really need the audio!

Are you going to make the downloads active again (or are they currently, and it's just the computers I've tried to download them on that are having problems?)

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help and thank you for making them!!