Saturday, June 7, 2008


Wow. I can´t believe my blog worked. It´s happened several times that we´ve paid thousands of Guaranis (ok, a few dollars) for a half hour of frustration on the internet and nothing working.

Today has been a great day so far. We learned about gardening, which involved hacking down some huge bamboo shoots and spliting them with machetes to make a fence. What´s the most important thing when working with a machete? Knowing where your other hand is.

I´m enjoying the new life. I like the little things, such as that the handles on the sink say C and F instead of H and C. Those little things that it never occured to you would be different.

I study a lot, but for once I´m motivated so it´s not so bad. I want to know what everyone is saying for the love! I definitely have to get on it, they do speak two languages here. Sometimes when I use a new word my Paraguayan dad laughs and laughs and repeats it, tells other family members. I laugh with them. Then sometimes people will say the same word to me in the street. I wonder if I´m using it correctly.

Yesterday we visited a housing co op and climbed their radio tower. Scary but fun. Paraguay was beautiful from up there.

I finally was able to upload a photo. Here goes:


Beth said...

We're enjoying your blog PLette!! Sounds like you are having an interesting expperience.

M&m said...

Hi Paulette! Keep the blogs coming!

Joni said...

Hi Paulita,
This is Matt's mom, Joni, and I thank you so much for your very informative blog. Your insight into life in Paraguay answered many of my questions about the culture, the FOOD, and life. in general. So glad to know that you and Matt have become such good friends!