Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some pictures

Teaching computers in Spanish!

Cow butts.

Sugar cane and palm trees

My Paraguayan dad with tomato fields

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kelsey may said...

Paulette-tea tree soap up the nose would be awful. i use the peppermint, so beware of that too. i loved your last comment. and everything you said about the shower reminded me of being in Belize! except for the giant ass mosquitoes and that buzzed around the shower at night. so scary. i cant help but find it a bit strange that i miss it so much, but was sleeping on the thinnest mattress of my life in a room with no a.c. with my back covered in bites. but i miss that! maybe because after a night of battling bugs, the mornings were the most beautiful times. i havent read your other postings yet-sorry! but i bet your mornings are beautiful. i miss you and i hope that you learn so much spanish. i cant wait to read more of this. and maybe join the peace corps some day. be safe!
love, naps, and veggies,