Monday, December 29, 2008

Hello from B.A.

Hello from the Hostel Nomade in Buenos Aires. I`m starving and ready to get out there, but we`re in the lobby waiting on someone to meet up with what can you do?

We started our trip in Asuncion. Let me tell you a little about the group I´m with by throwing back to my last big trip to California. I went with my very responsible friend and I was not allowed to hold anything important. She would hand me the map then five minutes later ask me where it is, and I`d pat my pockets. By the end of the trip, my nickname was The Black Hole.

If you want to give our name a group on this trip, it would be The Black Holes. In Asuncion after just one night, stuff was everywhere. We were packing up to leave and everyone`s like, ¨Where did my iPod go?¨and ¨Has anyone seen my toothbrush?¨I looked at it all and said, ¨Well, this has disaster written all over it.¨

My buddy Liam changed his mind at the last minute and decided to bring his laptop, and as he was packing it up I said, ¨I have the same feeling watching that computer come on this trip as I do watching a baby get on a moto. No little one, it`s not safe.¨

So we have little alliances. Every time I ask Liam, ¨Where`s your computer?¨ He asks me, ¨Do you have your passport, wallet and cell phone?¨And we check.

The only one among us we trust with the kitty money is Rebecca, the older and wiser and the planner of the group.

We left the hotel at 11:45 a.m. for our 1:30 bus which takes 18 hours. I`ve learned there`s nothing that reminds you you´re not a kid anymore like 18 hours on a bus. But it was a double-decker and we got the top front seats.

We slept, kind of, and arrived at about 9. We got a croissat and coffee at the terminal. After the subway and walking, we arrived at our hotel at 11:45.

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