Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Group in B.A.

It takes a group like us until about noon to actually move from the hotel, after everyone has woken up, shuffled out to eat the crossoint and coffee breakfast and decided where we´re going to eat. We`re starving by the time we sit down to lunch, by the time we´ve figured out if we´ve all got the right change for the bus, and we`ve figured out that yes, the bus stops here, and yes, we all think eating at the brewery. We order lunch at 4 p.m.

We have to have meeting times, like at the front of La Recoleta Cemetery at 6:15. We break up into smaller, more managable groups, until I find a few of my friends walking after a bleary-eyed gravekeeper who has a key in his hand. ¨We`re going in one¨says Eric of the moseleums. ¨He gave us gin.¨ The great thing about traveling with crazies is that they attract other crazies, and at least the entertainment is always there. So we walk down into someone`s grave, 31 graves exactly, that smell like a basement, but those aren´t carboard boxes on the shelves. We go down to the drain that holds the bones and ashes of other people, I couldn´t understand the spanish exactly.

Then we peruse the market. I look up to see that I can see at least one person I know. I could be lost any second, like a 2-year-old. I kind of wish I had a harness with a leash attached to Rebecca`s hand.

p.s. Mom, I`m ok, stop worrying.

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