Thursday, January 15, 2009


I really want to thank everyone who sent me packages. I love it every time the mail lady comes looking for me. Sometimes I keep a package for a few hours before I open it, or tell myself I get to open it after I study. I love just as much e-mails (even though I can't eat them) or comments or any way you guys let me know I'm still loved and thought about. Thank you so much. 

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Lynn said...

Hi, Paulita:
I assume you got our box with the others you received. At least I hope so, it took a long time to get there - must come by burro-delivery, yes? :)

What else can you use the most? We have your list, but anything you can think of that would be most beneficial to you or your psyche?

I love your blog and photos, and you seem to be doing very well. I have directed some friends of mine to read it too since they think they want to join. You know me, I've wanted to join for years but have to wait until my husband moves into the next life, he simply can't be convinced that it's for him.

Maybe we can see you in June when you visit?

Love ya,