Thursday, January 1, 2009

Feliz Año Nuevo

Yes, hello. Feliz año nuevo.

We spent our new year at an Indian restaurant called Katmandu, the last thing to be booked up before the new year. Almost all the other party were big Indian families with kids. We drank red wine and ate really delicious Indian food.

Near midnight they passed out plastic rimmed hats and started dance music from the dj near the carpeted table with the big elephants, while bubbles fell from the ceiling. At midnight we counted down and kissed. Then the music changed to the theme song from Star Wars. And I said, ¨The future! We`re in the future!¨

People shot off fireworks in the streets, so we went out there a bit, where it was windy and cold, then came back in to dance. The Indian people filmed us, a lot, and we danced with them.

At about two we left, and, having befriended the two girl waitresses, went to their apartment to afterparty. There´s nothing like being invited to a local`s house to make you feel like you´ve ascended from tourist idiot back to actual human.

We came back at 5 to where there were people gathered in the plaza near our hostel, a few playing drums and dancing. We came back to the hostel, where some people went to bed, then we went back to the plaza to eat a ham and cheese toasted sandwich. Then we walked home in the sun to sleep.

Now I`m waiting for Eric to get back and tell me if the Japanese restaurant is open. I must energize with the powers of wasabi.

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Jeri Jones said...

aka Paulette,
You look great, girl, healthy and happy. I loved seeing your face. I also love all of the pics of your town and mud hut,how cute it is. Aregue looks so beautiful, thank you for sharing the visual. I am learning that the simple things can be the best things, and I think you are also learning that. I love the stories of moving into and setting up your house. How exciting for you, just goes to show you how adaptable people are. I admire your adventurous spirit, and your willingness to adjust to new circumstances. Are you used to washing dishes in your shower yet? There is something to be said about the stats you quoted about bacteria. Seems like a great way to make the best out of what is. Sometimes it is just a matter of how you look at things. I cant imagine how hard it is to learn not only one, but two languages, so you need to pat yourself on the back because it looks like you are on your way. I like your attitude that you are there now, so learn the language. Wow, what vacations you have had. These are truly ttimes that you will always remember. Such beauty amongst the poverty, and such opportunity for personal growth. You will look back at pics of the school you helped build and know that you have made a difference. Thank you for sharing your very different life in South America, and enjoy the view along the way. Sorry you cried on Christmas eve, it has got to be tough being so far away from family and friends, but from what Ive been reading you have made family and friends right there where you are. Arent you the lucky one. Ive just spent all my enery this morning catching up on your life, and enjoyed every minute of it. Much love, Jeri