Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Emmanuel Gets Hold of the Camera

This is Emmanuel. He's a wild one, the younger brother of one of my friends in town. I've been working for weeks to get him to like me, to stop sticking his tongue out at me and making fun of the way I talk, saying "Ñe ñana" ("You're bad", kind of). I call him my chicko'i (little boyfriend), and he shakes his fist at me and yells out "Boba!" which is kind of like idiot.

So this day we're all drinking terere around the tree on the corner, and I let him use my camera as part of my getting-him-to-like me deal, which later also included giving him my last piece of gum.

Here's our street in the eyes of Emmanuel.

Down my street, my house somewhere on the left.

Going clockwise. There's my store down on the right,
with the white fence.

Clockwise again, the road toward the co-op

Going 360 degrees around, the fourth part of the intersection
the front of my host family's house.

Plastic chairs, feet up on the tree. That's how we roll in The Yat.

Curious about my computer, which we were using as a radio.

And, as an update, he recently came by in a car full of buddies. I saw the top of his head in the back seat and yelled "Hola che chicko'i!" He popped his head up with a smile and gave me a big open-hand kid wave. Yes!

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