Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I wasn´t sure if I should publish that last blog. But a few friends have said, "Ugh, I know exactly how you feel."

But I´m better now. It´s good.

The thing that bothered me was quitting the radio show. It felt like quitting, failure. My show sucked and I let it suck and they wither up and die. That´s not how I want to be.

I hadn´t told the guy at the radio station yet, as I was bothered by this feeling. I mentioned it to Angelic, and she invited me to come to Oviedo every Thursday to do their show with them, her and Melissa. Yay! That feels a lot better. This is a move up, bigger market. And the show will reach the Yat. So I will now be a part of Rojapo Radio in Oviedo.

On Sunday I went to Oviedo and we went around visiting Chuchi people. One of the women said, Oh, I always listen to your show. Every thursday at 11. I learn a lot. That´s nice. More on chuchi people later...

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ThinkingMansUhuru said...

It's always hard to let go of one thing and start another. Priorities change. When I was in Kenya for 10 months, I once tried to do a group project where children living at the orphanage I was volunteering with would discuss their fears about living with HIV and would work through negative behaviors that the social worker wanted to address. Needless to say, only 3 children showed up, it was awkward, and the idea crumbled. I felt humiliated, then I picked myself up, shifted course, and found simpler ways to engage them as a mentor and a friend. It's all about what works in the moment sometimes!