Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dear Santa

I was asked by an aunt to put up a new list of things I could use for a possible Christmas package. So I will so ever tackily do that here:

  • Clothing catalogs for Ao Poi ideas for the co-op
  • Magazines: Writer's Digest, Psychology Today, anything interesting that doesn't mention 50 new ways to make my hair shinier.
  • Coconut milk (I have all these recipes...)
  • Aerosol sunblock
  • Tester tube of Chanel Chance if you can find one (I've used one in a year, shows you how much I need it)
  • Goodwill/used super-light long sleeve shirt for horse-riding and being outside
  • Light face lotion with high SPF
  • Just any old cotton double sheet if you have one lying around. (My sheets are made of polyester. Great idea in a country with 100-degree summers)
  • Red Kool-Aid or Gator-ade packets
  • One of those dish washing brushes with a handle. (Why did those never catch on south of the equator?)
I love you guys and as I've said I'm really fine and don't need anything. However, I am a struggling single horse mom, so I'll take any kind offerings.

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Anonymous said...

I love curry can get coconut milk in the baking section, at least in the Stock supermarket in San Lorenzo. I am told you can also get it in the alcohol section. The one in the baking section is a small bottle with a blue metal lid.