Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can you buy a book for Yataity?

I always go to the co-op and tell my friend Mariela about whatever I'm reading. Mariela is so great. She's curious about the world, has great ideas for the co-op, and is learning English. When I talk to her about the books I'm reading, so always gets kind of a sad face and says, I wish I could read those books.

Or any books. There's no library in Yataity. And the price of a book is maybe half a month's rent. Can you imagine wanting to read and not being able to?

There's a new movement to start a library in Yataity, and I'm helping. But in the short run, I want to get some books in Yataity. I made an Amazon Wish List of some of my favorites and some other books that are needed here. It was fun looking through all my classics. Where would I be without Dr. Seuss, Roald Dahl or Shel Silverstein?

I really want to be part of introducing a reading culture into Yataity. Can you be part of it too?

If you'd like to donate a book (used is great), the link to the Wish List is at HERE. If anyone can add on a book for Yataity the next time they're ordering from Amazon, it would be awesome. I'd love to have some books to read to little kids!

Thanks on behalf of Yataity.

(And thanks to Mateo for some inspiration. He's reading Anne Frank's Diary with a girls group and will be passing the books on to me next. To think that I'm going to help some girls (including my host sister) read their first book ever just for fun!)

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