Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey, alright, some good stuff...

Hi friends. Just stopping by with some good news.

-There was a slight gossip situation which made me feel really kind of crappy. Oh no! But then it kind of turned around with my friend told me how she was giving this chick who was talking about me the evil eye. It just showed how much this friend loved me to see how mad it made here. Then someone else said that this person talks about everyone anyway and to not worry, that she is just a horrible horrible person. That made me feel great!

-I bought the third book in the Twilight series in Spanish, because now my Paraguayan friends have seen the first two movie versions and they're dying to know what happens next. "Ha ha! I will trick them into reading for pleasure," I thought. I bought the book, which was damn expensive if I do say so myself, or $20 in English. I used a twenty my aunt sent me. It was worth every penny as soon as I showed it to Mariela and Leidyd. They love it and swoon every five minutes talking about Edward Collin. Mariela told me she didn't sleep last night because she wanted to stay up reading.

-I upgraded my podcast service to include stats, to see how many people are using it to learn Guarani. Guess how many downloads I have? Almost 1,000! Holy crap, I said to myself. That's about 5 times more than I would have thought. It makes me feel good that I'm creating something people will actually use and something that will make service that much easier for other volunteers. However, it kind of makes me want to say: In my day we had to learn Guarani by overhearing it on our way to the river to wash clothes, 10 miles, uphill both ways, without virtual flashcards.

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