Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fun Fall Times Outdoors

Howdy! The sun is shining on a nice breeze, it's finally cooling off, and instead of being cooped up in my air-conditioned cell, we've been outside enjoying the fall. Here are some pictures.

Mateo & Sasha's Visit

Taking the horse for a spin
Mateo rockin' it as he does

Campo sky

Sasha's turn

Giving pony rides to the little children.

Making Gyros Happen

I got this idea to make gyros, and Oscar knows a guy, so we had a lamb killed on a farm across the routa and in the campo town of Potrero. Instead of sending O-town on the moto, we made a trip of it on Bigote and bikes.

Leaving the paved streets of The Yat

The Road to Potrero

Vanessa riding a horse for the first time.

We stopped to take some pictures

Vane and me

The nice lady and her half of a lamb.
The gyros came out delicious and the host fam loved them!

Salto Cristal
Following the carefully placed signs, we headed to Salto Cristal.

In the campo of La Colmena

Oscar and sugar cane

We went in a car. I love a car! It's my dream to one day have one.
This is Oscar's buddy from the big city.

The climb down is steep and scary!

Oscar carrying the heavy stuff.

The falls are worth the climb.

The Partridge Traps

This started when Oscar brought his slingshot out to the campo, and he got hooked on trying to kill these partridges that are all over. We did some Googling, and next thing you know...

In the backyard earning our Boy Scout Badges

Just eat that corn little bird, I dare you.

Looking for a good spot

And now, we wait.

More views of the campo
Cactus, or, in spanish, tuna.

I feel like everyone's staring at me

Takin' some t-ray along


I have a dream...

Little cow at the pond

Smoke from a far-off fire

Back Home

Memories of my childhood fort-building give me an idea
while washing my sheets, then I turn around for one second and...


hisc1ay said...

Salto Cristal is probably my favorite secluded spot in all the world. All of it.

"I have a dream." Hilarious!:)

I really have to get back to Paraguay, che ra'a...


Anonymous said...

Hola! I LOVE the pictures of you with the horse! I can't wait to be there with you - Love!


jeannette said...

Didn't know that a cow pic could be funny (the brown and white ), but you did it!
And..what are sheets for, right? LOL
Don't know if my comment from May6th came through, but I'm congratulating yoy on getting through culture shock! Keep up the good work -also writing!