Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our New Catalog!

Hello All! So I finally finished the catalog for the coop! If you click on the images you´ll be whisked away to a bigger view.
In other good news, we just got a big order (100 shirts) from a woman in Argentina who saw the little web page I made. Suddenly I´m working hard for the money over here. Everyone is. No more drinking terere and making ao po´i. We´ve been getting lots of e-mails, actually, just from the other blogspot page I made. And checking e-mail, making up price lists, organizing the embroideries and making up codes and names for them. I´ve been plopping these huge tablecloths on top of the scanner to put there patterns into digital form.
A history of Ao Po´i and information on the cooperative.

Clothes and patterns for the ladies.
Clothes and patterns for the menfolk. And ao po´i ties too!

Things for the household, including and ao po´i toilet paper holder!

Tableclothes, their patterns and borders in crochet or the locally made lace.

Information on special orders and our price list.

All the pretty colors